Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre is affiliated to Rape Crisis (England & Wales), which is the national umbrella organisation for a nationwide network of Rape Crisis Centres.

Rape Crisis (England & Wales) developed the first nationally recognised service standards for rape crisis centres. Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre adheres to these standards, which fall into nine categories:

  • Organisational requirements
  • Values
  • Strategy and governance
  • Managing services
  • Working with service users
  • Protecting service users and sta/volunteers
  • Diversity, equality and access
  • Service user involvement and participation
  • Developing the organisation

Nine values underpin these standards:

Understanding sexual and domestic violence and its impact
Organisations demonstrate an appropriate and informed approach, relevant to their service users, that recognises and understands the dynamics and impact of sexual violence, within an equalities and human rights framework.

Safety, security and dignity
Organisations ensure that all interventions prioritise the safety, security and dignity of service users and staff/volunteers.

Diversity and fair access to services
Organisations respect the diversity of service users and positively engage in anti-discriminatory practice, and service users are supported and assisted to access services on an equitable basis.

Advocacy and support
Organisations provide independent institutional/individual advocacy and/or support to promote the needs and rights of service users.

Empowerment and participation
Organisations promote empowerment and self-help to enable service users to take control of their lives and inform the delivery and development of services.

Organisations respect and observe service users’ right to confidentiality and all service users are informed of situations where that confidentiality may be limited.

A coordinated, multi-agency response
Organisations operate within the context of relevant inter-agency cooperation, collaboration and coordinated service delivery.

Challenging social tolerance of sexual and domestic violence and holding perpetrators accountable
In all aspects, organisations challenge social tolerance of sexual violence and work from the core belief that it is preventable.

Accountability and governance
Management is effective so that users receive a high quality service from appropriately skilled staff.

Monitoring and Evaluation

GRASAC has adopted the Rape Crisis (England & Wales) monitoring and evaluation framework. We collect outcome data to ensure we are delivering a safe and effective service and to enable us to inform future service development

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