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If you need to contact us to make a referral or you need to talk to someone please email and leave your details or call 01452 526 770

Here are a few of the things women and girls have said they most value about the services we offer:

“Having support from someone who understands”.

“Listening, support, being made to feel comfortable and knowing the service is confidential”.

“Having my thinking challenged firmly but kindly; telephone support once a week; understanding & belief”.

“Being able to talk without fear”.

“Understanding & Belief”.

And here are a few other things our service users have said:

“Without GRCC and similar centres, women would be lost”.

“Such a relief! I saw things the right way immediately for the first time in 30 years”.

“I am so pleased that this service is available freely to survivors as I don’t know how I would have got through”.

“It’s been excellent working with my support worker, who has now referred me to SARC”.

“I am so grateful that I am able to come back if I need to”.