Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse – upcoming Victims and Survivors Forum events for 2020

I’d like to inform you of the Inquiry’s upcoming Victims and Survivors Forum events for 2020.

These exclusive events are open to all members of the Inquiry’s Victims and Survivors
Forum. Anyone who has experienced child sexual abuse can join the Forum .
All Forum members will have an opportunity to participate in events which take place across
England and Wales. The first face-to-face events of 2020 will be held in March and will seek
Forum members’ views on Redress schemes.

Redress schemes are a way in which institutions seek to acknowledge the wrong done to
victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. They can have a range of features including
apologies, financial compensation, counselling and other types of support. You don’t need to
have sought redress or have been successful in seeking redress in order to take part in our
events. We’d like to hear the experiences and thoughts of all victims and survivors.
Hearing from Forum members will help the Inquiry’s understanding of redress and the impact
this may have had on them. We will also share any comments and suggestions with the
Chair and Panel to help them make recommendations in their final report.

Where will the events take place?
The Forum team will be holding 9 events in the following locations:
● Birmingham
● London
● Cardiff
● Newcastle
● Brighton
● Liverpool
● Manchester
● Exeter

How can you attend?
All you need to do is register to join the Victims and Survivors Forum . You’ll then receive an
invitation to the Redress events with more information.

What can you expect on the day?
Our events are relaxed and friendly, creating a safe space to have informal discussions.
There’ll be between 8 and 24 people in the room (depending on which event you choose)
with groups of up to 8 at each table.

On arrival, you’ll be greeted and shown around by our welcoming team. You can then
choose a seat where you feel most comfortable.

Group conversations are facilitated by Inquiry staff and we’ll have emotional support staff
available all day should you feel affected by any of the discussions. There will also be time
for breaks and of course there are always lots of tea and snacks!

Will you contribute towards my travel expenses?
The Inquiry is able to contribute up to £80 towards your travel costs when you attend a face
to face Forum event. We will reimburse you for the amount you have spent up to £80 by
cheque once you have provided us with your receipts on the day.

Read about two victims and survivors who shared their experiences with the Inquiry’s Truth
Daisy was sexually abused at a young age, leading to homelessness and further abuse. An
investigation outlined over 30 findings, and recommended that she should receive an
apology, compensation and be provided with a supportive package of care. But it took three
years for the council to admit liability. Read her experience .
Dermot feels strongly that charitable organisations responsible for institutions where abuse
occurred should lose tax free status until they pay compensation. Read his experience.

Best Wishes
David Poole
Head of South West Inquiry Office
Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse

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