Tinder Campaign July 2017

We are supporting a Gloucestershire Constabulary led campaign targeting users on Tinder, the dating app. A recent National Crime Agency Analysis identified a significant increase in the number of reports to UK police about rape and sexual assaults carried out by perpetrators through online dating.

1 in 3 relationships start online, but, during those initial online communications with someone you have never met in person could be with a perpetrator taking advantage of online dating to carry out a sexual assault when you first meet.  Reports show that these sexual offences are taking place during the first face to face meeting, with 72% happening at the victim’s or perpetrator’s home address.

85% of those victims are female.


Always remember that consenting to have sex is your choice. Consent is yours to give, refuse or take back at any time, every time.  Remember, just because:

  • you’ve met someone through a site like this, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically consenting to have sex
  • you’ve sexted or have been talking dirty online, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re consenting to have sex
  • you’ve agreed to meet up, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically consenting to have sex
  • you’ve gone back to their house or flat, or invited them to your home,  it doesn’t mean you’re automatically consenting to have sex


If something happens to you on your date that isn’t right we will be here to support you. Being raped or sexually-assaulted is a traumatic experience and you may feel unsure about reporting it. You can contact Gloucestershire Constabulary or Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (GRASAC) ON 01452 526770.  You will be listened to and supported every step of the way. It is NEVER your fault.

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GRASAC and Gloucestershire Constabulary together with support from the Police and Crime Commissioner are running the above campaign in certain venues in Gloucester and Cheltenham.  If you need to talk to someone about an incident in relation to the campaign please call us on our helpline 01452 526770  or email us support@glosrasac.org.uk.

Regardless of what has happened to you and when, GRASAC is a service dedicated to victims and survivors of any form of sexual violence – we listen, we never judge and we are here to support you. We are also confidential and your enquiry can be anonymous.

You are not alone – so please don’t feel you can’t get help or that no-one will believe you – that’s what we are here for.


Crewe Alexandra Independent Review into Child Sexual Abuse



If you have been affected in any way by this particular chain of events, and if you feel you want to talk to someone about any abuse you suffered when you were a child, regardless of where that happened and by whom, please get in touch with us on 01452 526770 or email us support@glosrasac.org.uk

For male victims and survivors please contact Survivors UK 0845 122 1201 or info@survivorsuk.org

Also, SARSAS (Somerset & Avon Rape and sexual abuse support) http://www.sarsas.org.uk/ provide a helpline for men 0808 801 0456.

Most importantly, you are not alone, and you will be listened to.