“Educating people on sexual consent helps establish boundaries and remove misunderstanding of sexual behaviour”.

Any sexual contact that you did not ask for, or consent to, is wrong. If you feel upset, scared, angry or irritated by any unwanted touching contact us to talk it through – whatever happened and whenever it happened we will listen, understand and believe you. “You are never to blame for sexual assault, abuse, harassment or rape that happens to you.”

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Educating young people

Young people, in particular, benefit from open discussion about healthy sexual relationships in the digital age. We offer a range of training, workshops and presentations for schools, colleges, community organisations and businesses on a range of issues relating to sexual conduct:


Understanding the ‘rules of engagement’ and that only you have the right to decide what sexual activity you participate is key to lifelong healthy relationships, and a fundamentally important lesson for young people. Our workshops encourage open discussion, challenge ‘playground myths’ and taboos. [tea and consent video] KP needs to ask permission


Bystander intervention

Bystander intervention workshops discuss ideas and strategies to give people the confidence, and means, to help others they notice are in difficulty.


On-line safety, revenge porn and ‘sexting’

Mobile phones, social media and dating apps can be mis-used for sexual harassment, and create situations that result in rape, sexual assault or abuse or bullying. We promote strategies that minimise the risk of negative on-line experiences.


Training for teachers

In partnership with Gloucestershire County Council, we deliver ‘Give and Get’ seminars to teachers. This resource provides lesson plans on healthy relationships and consent, tackling difficult issues in a sensitive and thought-provoking way that lead to debate and further understanding of what makes a mutually respectful relationship.

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