Sexual Consent

Any sexual contact that you did not ask for, or consent to, is wrong. If you feel upset, scared, angry or irritated by any unwanted touching, contact us to talk it through – whatever happened and whenever it happened we will listen, understand and believe you.

“You are never to blame for sexual assault, abuse, harassment or rape that happens to you.”

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To ask questions or talk to us call our helpline on (01452) 526770 or email
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More Information

If you have experienced rape, sexual assault or abuse very recently, and wish to report the crime, contact the Police (dial 999 in an emergency or 101 if you are not in immediate danger) or Hope House Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

They will listen to you, take evidence and guide you through the inital legal process. Physical evidence can be gathered within 7 days of the offence.

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