Sexual Violence Awareness

Sexual Violence Awareness


  • To inform trainees about what sexual violence is: rape, childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault both recent and non-recent.


  • Educate trainees about the short term and long term psychological and physical effects of any form of sexual violence on an individual including trauma


  • To inform trainees about the services that exist within the county that support victims and survivors, what they do, why and how they complement one another including information about the criminal justice system and the sexual offences act 2003


  • To educate trainees about how to respond to a colleague/service user/friend when they first disclose an incident of sexual violence and then what to do/where to refer


  • To educate trainees about the myths and realities of sexual violence


If you are interested in training for your organisation please contact GRASAC’s Service and Training Manager Magdalena to discuss options or call the admin line 01452 305421

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