We provide free and confidential emotional support to women and girls affected by rape, sexual assault and/or childhood sexual abuse, regardless of when it happened.

We don’t call you a victim, we call you a survivor.

We provide a confidential helpline, an email support service, and one to one support sessions for survivors, their friends and family members.

Our support workers and volunteers are all women, who are specially trained to work with survivors of sexual violence. They will work with you at your own pace, explaining your options and rights – and most importantly of all, they will always believe you. Always.

We work with women and girls living in the Gloucestershire area, if you live outside this area and need support please visit Rape Crisis England & Wales to find a Rape Crisis Centre near you.

THREE GIRLS or BROADCHURCH: If you have been affected by these programmes – either because something happened to you recently, a long time ago or you are worried about a friend, please call us confidentially on 01452 305421.  We can help and we will believe you without question.

REMEMBER: It is NEVER your fault.


Funded with help from:
Gloucestershire Police and Crime CommissionerFunded by Comic Relief_cmyk_2016